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This page was designed for wholesale clients, press, and other organizations wishing to spread the good word on Rise Relief. If you’re a curious individual, don’t be discouraged. Feel free to use this resource to learn more about our company and products! Thank you.

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Rise in 45 Words

Rise Relief is a Colorado based wellness company started by two friends that makes cannabinoid rich morsels from full spectrum hemp extract. Our mission is to create innovative products that deliver the combined benefits of cannabinoids and superfoods. Rise launched its flagship line of convenient and precisely dosed morsels in 2017.

Rise in 75 Words

Rise Relief is a Colorado based wellness company that produces cannabinoid rich morsels with full spectrum hemp extract. Rise morsels are convenient and precisely dosed bites formulated to deliver the combined benefits of active cannabinoids, elevating terpenes, and exotic botanical ingredients. Our mission is to create innovative products that help people effortlessly include cannabinoids and superfoods in their daily wellness routine. Rise was founded in 2017 by two friends who came to the Bay Area by way of Florida and Eritrea.

How We Make Rise
    1. Start with organic, botanical ingredients
    2. Extract cannabinoids from premium, pesticide free full spectrum hemp extract
    3. Test hemp extract for purity and potency
    4. Formulate target dosages for precise superfood to hemp extract and terpene ratios
    5. Blend and refine to ensure equal distribution of active cannabinoids in full spectrum hemp extract
    6. Test morsels for meeting consistency, efficacy, and target dosages
    7. Mold, package, ship, repeat
Our Commitment to You
  • Use organic, non-gmo ingredients
  • Provide measured doses using lab testing for potency and purity
  • Combined benefits from cannabinoids, terpenes, and superfoods
  • Provide daily dose(s) of cannabinated relief
  • Tested by researchers for efficacy
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